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    Well I was holding out to get the new Treo with GSM (whenever that would be), but yesterday my Treo 600 died. The navigation button no longer functions and the backspace key is "stuck" (doesn't push down). I called T-mobile and they said they will no longer replace the 600 and want me to switch to the Tmobile MDA. It looks rink-y-dink and I like the Treos. I asked if I could just pick up a 650 unlocked GSM model and use it. THe representative proceeded to tell me horror stories about how he hears examples everyday on problems with unlocked models without t-mobile software etc. having problems where many functions do not work properly. My gut tells me it was just a sales pitch. But I do use quite a few features on my Treos and don't want to get stuck with aggravating problems. I MUST stay with T-mobile (my company plan requires it) so I can't switch carriers. So, will the unlocked GSM's (probably the cingular model) work or not, and is the T-mobile MDA bareable? THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP, Lori
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    I'd grab an unlocked Treo 650 which shud be getting real cheap about now.

    Here's some new ones for $300 and change

    A used Cingular phone which was unlocked should be even cheaper
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    I use unlock GSM. I have no problem.
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    I'd grab a 650...he's trying to get you to buy hardware from him to increase his commission this month.
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