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    Ok, so I've been reading threads here for awhile recently, and I don't know what the cheapest way for me to get a Sprint 700p is.

    I am a current Sprint customer who is out of contract. I also have a T600, which is basically a useless peice of junk that doesn't work as a phone and usually works as a medicore PDA.

    As you might be able to tell, I'm a little sore about my $600 T600 purchase, and and hoping the 700p, while it has its bugs, will be more useful and reliable for me.

    I know there was talk of good deals on the 700ps...getting them for ~$300 if you're a new customer and whatnot.

    I do qualify for the $75/$150 rebate from Sprint for a 1 or 2 year agreement, respectively.

    However, I recently started my own business, and was curious as to whether I'd be able to get the phone for less if I opened it in my business name so long as I was able to keep my current phone number.

    Can anyone offer a better solution for me other than walking into the Sprint store and dropping the cash?
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    Call Sprint Business or the part of Sprint that handles corporate accounts and ask them what you got comming to ya being a new business owner.
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    That may work. Will the guys in the Sprint store know the information that I need?
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    if you are out of contract - call Sprint CS and ask for Rententions. Tell them you are a small business and you are thinking about moving to another carrier, etc. Be firm and you will get a good deal and probably a better service contract to boot. DO NOT GO TO A SPRINT STORE - THEY KNOW NOTHING. Another cheap route is to go to eBay and purchase one with a new plan. However, that means you have to open a new line of service. I got my 650 for $20 plus a $60 plan for 30 days doing this. On the 31st day, I rolled the new number into my Family plan and did an ESN swap to put the Treo on my existing number. I gave my old phone and the new line to my daughter.
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    Read this thread. I called Sprint Retentions, told them Verizon was selling for $400 plus a $100 account credit for switching over. I ended up with $200 in account credits and am eligible for the $150 2 year contract agreement, plus some recurring credits on my account to compensate for the free text messaging I would be losing and a few bucks off of my Vision plan, to upgrade to the 700p from my 600.

    If you waste your time talking to normal Service Reps, you will quickly get frustrated and think you must have the worst kharma on this forum. Read some of the success stories posted in the thread I linked above and follow suit. I assume it helps if you've been a customer for a long time, but either way they don't want you on Verizon.
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    Be careful with the ebay option...some ebay sellers have a minimum of 90 days to change the phone off the account and/ or plan details.
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    Awesome, I'll give the retentions route a shot, thanks.

    I went to the Sprint store at lunched and while talking to a rep showed him my paperweight 600, and he offered me an even trade for a 650 no strings attached. I'll probably do that, and then get hte 700p when the 650 starts acting up on me.

    But first I have to find a serial cable for the 650, which doesn't seem to exsist. :-/
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    eBay has em for $100. Works too.
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    I have consistently had the best luck walking into an all carriers brick and mortar .... $50-75 cheaper than any on line or carrier source, half the contract duration and they give me cash back for signing over rebate forms.

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