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    Hey everyone, I'm going to be traveling to Europe In April and would like to know of some good software to take along with me. I have Gulliver, Tealmeal and Listmaker but I want to know what you would suggest. I don't want to spend too much though. Thanks for the help.
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    I would highly recommend Travel Tracker from Silverware. Problem is, I see you already have Gulliver, which is nice, but I would pick TT over it.

    You may want to track down a good unit/money conversion program. I know I certainly would get thrown off by the change in units If someone said the train station was 12 kilometers down the road, I would need to know just how far that is in miles
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    I'd highly recommend the following freeware:

    * MetrO, which calculates the best subway routes and estimates the travel time between any two stations. The .zip file that you can download from Tucows or PalmGear contains databases for dozens of European cities.

    *Worldroom Guide-to-Go Europe (from Tucows or, a no-nonsense travel guide that provides essential info (currency, climate, transportation, visa requirements, etc.)for major European cities.

    If you can HotSync to the Internet while traveling, I'd recommend the Exchange channel at AvantGo. And Vindigo has an excellent London guide.

    A simple yet handy piece of shareware (only $6)is wwPlug (, which offers illustrations of all the different national plug and outlet configurations.
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    Another great freeware application for travel is "Currency", a currency converter program that provides daily updated conversion tables at their website. PalmGear link is:
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