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    Since day one I've been dealing with frequent resets of my 700p. Very often they ocurred just as an incoming SMS text message was received. And every time doing a ##377# check reported that Messaging was the culprit.

    I have Business Connection personal edition installed on my phone. In the BC phone application I have it set to give me an audible & vibration alert when I get an email. I also have the BC web application set up to deliver a text message whenever I get an email, and I have my phone set to give both audible & vibration alerts for all text messages. So whenever I get email it results in two SMS alerts (audible & vibration) & two BC email alerts. Are you following me?

    The actual duplication of alerts is not what triggered the restarts because I would get random restarts when no text message was received, and I would get restarts when receiving a non-BC text message.

    However, the duplicated audible alerts were getting annoying so I disabled both audible & vibration alerts within BC. That was about nine hours ago and I've had no restarts! Before I couldn't get through an hour without a restart!

    I don't think a lot of people here are using BC, so this isn't going to be a fix for everyone, but if you use BC this might be your problem. Or maybe you have another combination of applications that have overlapping alerts? Eliminating the duplication may fix your reset problem.
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    I have the exact same problem and I will test this and report back .... Thanks!
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    Unfortunately, the steps I took yesterday did not totally solve the problem. I almost made it 24 hours without a reset, but in the last four hours I've had three resets. One of them happened just as I received a voicemail alert and the other one was after I turned off my Bluetooth headset and tried to make a call.

    When I dial ##377# it says the reset was caused while running "<unknown application>": Fatal Exception

    This is different than the error I was getting before. So I've eliminated one source of resets but now there is another. The current resets happen with much less frequency, yesterday my phone would restart several times per hour.
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    Well, I only chnaged the settings for my BC to not to send any SMS reminder tec. Now I don't have resets caused by "Messaging" ... for sure an improvement.

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