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    Just to preface, I got the Treo 700p and the Samsung a920 for $72 (the cost of 2 activation fees) through Sprint retention. However, there is a chance that I will be getting another $250 credit, which I will explain later. So I could be getting 2 phones for -$178. That's right....not $178, but -$178, which means they will be paying me to get the 2 phones for free. This is a long story:

    I was 1 1/2 into my 2 year contract with Sprint. I currently have the Treo 650 and really thought long and hard about upgrading to the 700p. I decided I MUST have it. So I called *2 to cancel.

    I told the retention rep who answered my call that I wanted to cancel. I told them my company worked out a deal with Verizon Wireless for a 25% discount. I was currently getting a 15% discount through my company with Sprint. Also, I mentioned our company worked out a deal with Verizon where I can pick up the 700p for $299.

    The gentleman stated that he would give another 15% on top on my company discount if I decided to stay and renew my contract for another 2 years. I asked about the 700p. He said he couldn't give it to me for $299 like Verizon, but could give it to me for $399. I figured with the additional 15% discount, it was a better deal. I then asked about a phone for my wife. I asked him what a Samsung a920 will cost me. He said $80. No shipping charges or no activation fees. Was sounding better by the minute.

    I decided to go all in. I asked if he could throw in some free TXT messages. Without hestitation, his response was "of course". Gave both my wife and I 500 TXT messages free for the term of the contract.

    So far, I got a 30% discount including my company discount, 500 free TXT messages, and a 700p and an a920 for $479.

    I gave him my credit car number, which was the same credit card used to automatically deduct my Sprint PCS bill. For some reason he said the system wouldn't accept the card. After awhile, he said he figured it out.

    He said the phone should be arriving within 7 business days.

    Alright, this is just the beginning.

    A few days later, I checked my online billing and saw a credit for $250 ($650 cost of the phone minus $399), which equaled my discount for the 700p.

    7 business days go by and my phone hasn't arrived. So I call retention again. I explained the situation to the new guy who answered my call. He checked in the system and said my phones haven't shipped. Of course, my immediate thought was to use this as ammo for further discounts.:-D

    After digging further, he said my credit card wasn't accepted. Mine you again, this is the same credit card they have been using to deduct the bill for the past 1 1/2. He verified the address and the number again, but no dice. I told him I could give him another credit card, but if possible, I wanted to use the same card because it has cash back and it extends the phone warranty by another year.

    After another 30 minutes of being put on hold while he kept attempting to get my card to accept, I jokingly said "Hey, if you just gave me the phones for free, you wouldn't have to figure out how to accept my card."

    His response: "It seems like you are reading my mind."
    Me: My eyes bugged out and I couldn't speak a word.

    I could hear him typing away over the phone. After about 30 seconds, which seemed like an eternity. He said, "Here is what I'll do. You just pay the activation fees, which is $36, and I'll send you the phone for free. I'll also have the phones expedited so it should be there by Friday."

    My response: "Sounds like a good deal."
    His response with a laugh: "I'm sure we'll make our money back after awhile".
    My response: "Please give me the confirmation number."
    His response: "Here is the confirmation number. Also, here is my employee number for confirmation that we had this call."

    So I could possibly be getting a $250 credit, plus a 700p and an a920 for a grand total of $-178.

    Of course, I haven't received my phone yet. Hope to get it this Friday. So until then, Murphy's law could come into play, I didn't get the phone on Friday, calling back to retention, they say it's not documented, I give them the employee ID, and it's not valid. Haha! Who knows. But if this guy did really set me up, he must be leaving Sprint and giving our presidential pardons to everyone. LOL!
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    you are a 'chiseler'.
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    I ended up with a $60 credit on my 700p too. I don't know what happened after some negotiating I paid $299 for the phone. When I got my bill there was a credit for $360 on it. I thought it was a mistake but I saw the bill details and they did have the full $649 for the phone, but there were tons of discounts and rebates with brought it to -360. It appears I won't have a bill for 6 months not bad. Even better is when I renegotiated my contract I am saving $30 a month, have more minutes, and have free sms and power vision. Sprint is getting better and better.
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    as of now i still have over $500 in credits on my sprint account. I told them to charge my card for the phone and they did but credited that charge towards my account and never put the charge for the phone on the account. I've had the phone for a week now and it's still like that. thanks sprint.
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    WOW- you lucky dog!

    You sure did better than my deal thru retentions for $249.00 for both a new 700p and new Samsung A900 "Blade" I got last week!

    By the way, I received both phones via overnight shipping (although I had been told it would be regular 2-3 day shipping and got them this past Monday)- couldn't believe it. Sprint (at least Retentions) appears to be really kicking **** right now, and it seems to be mainly in response to competition concerns over Verizon. Hopefully for us Sprint customers, V will continue to get "exclusives" on launching various phones and allow us to get better deals!

    Both my wife and I are loving the new phones. I really feel the 700p is a definite improvement over my 650, in both style and functions, and I seem to have gotten a stable one. I have been busy loading many of my old apps on it from scratch (thanks Perry!), which I think is the key to keeping a fast Treo, and I actually think it is snappier overall than my 650 was. And of course the EVDO is fantastic as well- makes me wonder how I ever put up with the speed of the 650 ;-)

    Thanks again to all for your inspiring Retention success stories!

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    I got my Treo for $249 and a Fusic for free from Retentions last week
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    Quite easy to get retentions deals on equipment if you have a SIZABLE monthly plan. As for me ($35 total with unlimited everything) couldn't budge them - they actually wanted me to cancel.
    Palm III > Palm V > Palm Vx > (Sprint) Kyo 6035 > Handspring Treo 300
    > Handspring Treo 600 Oct.'03 > Palm Treo 700P May'06 > Treo 755P Aug.'07 > Pre(-) June'09 + TouchPad July'11 LONG LIVE webOS!!!
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    I think I got both a great plan deal, and almost a free phone.
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    Well, I had to provide some up-front on a pair of Treo 700p's and an A900, but I made sure they offset with enough service credits to last awhile. Here's what my account summary says as of this afternoon:

    Bill Balance $ 126.06
    Adjustments -1080.01
    Recent Payments -649.97
    Total Due None

    You have a credit of $1603.92
    No payment is due.
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    a lot to go thru just to get a treo for free. that would annoy me (credit card situation/phone shipping) hope you get your treo soon! enjoy!
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    It is not free if it is after service credits. I paid $250 flat out with cc. So sorry but you are not as cool as me! :-)
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    hope it works out.

    I have dealt with issues on my bill and Sprint screws it up constantly. I wouldn't believe it until after I got the 700 and the bill.

    good luck though!

    I have ZERO sympathy for Palm or Sprint. They have both gotten a lot of my money for crappy service. But, when there is really no one else making what you want, then you have to pay I guess!
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    I was offered an a900 for free, but I had heard some some issues with the phone, so I went with the a920. Doesn't make sense that they originally wanted to charge me $80 for the a920 when the a900 is more expensive at list price.

    Anyways, not sure how all this is going to play out. I checked my online statement today and now it shows a service credit of $800. Remember, the reason why they are sending me the phones for free is because they couldn't charge it to my credit card for some reason. Not sure if it means I will be getting a separate bill for the phones or not, but this whole situation is getting more interesting by the day.
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    I got my 700P for "free" for renewing mine and my wife's plans. $12 shipping, $18 upgrade fee.

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