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    Just downloaded Chatter today. I love it so far but am running into a problem (and I haven't been able to find the solution after many searches here and on the developer forum site).

    My IMAP server is organized with the Inbox at the top level and then a "mail" folder with the remaining mailboxes (Sent, Drafts, Trash, etc.).

    All attempts to use Folder Browser to locate these subfolders have failed. Even when I go to "mail" and right-click (Treo 700p) to access the mailboxes in it, nothing happens as "mail" is greyed out. I can add additional mailboxes by spelling out the full mailbox path (e.g. mail/Sent), and this actually results in a functional mailbox, but I cannot see these mailboxes under mail/ via the Folder Browser. The main problem this leads to is that I cannot choose mail/Trash as my trash folder.

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    Maybe try setting the Root field (in "Edit Mailbox") to mail/ (with the trailing slash), and then do a "Reload Folder List".

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    Man you're fast! I'll give it a try and report back...
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    It works. Thanks. I could've sworn I tried that earlier, but I am glad i works now.
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    If you're still "here," a general question: what is the rationale for having the whole slew of preferences for each separate mailbox under the same account. I realize this is absolutely crucial for some settings (to sync or not to sync), but why would different mailboxes under the same account need to have different SSL settings? Or delete to a different trash folder?
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    jonathanuy - I'm like a bad cold; I never leave...

    The answer is that this is just how the product evolved; I wouldn't do it exactly the same way if I were starting from scratch.

    Having said that, MANY of the options might want to be varied by mailbox - delivery options (most of them) and notifications for a start. I agree that some don't make an awful lot of sense, though.

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    The one thing I cannot do with the folder setup that I have (setting root to mail/) is that I cannot access mu Inbox via Folder Browser. That means (as I learned) if I accidentally move a message to my Trash folder (inside mail/), I cannot move it back into the Inbox (located outside of mail/). I can live with this (I can move it back out from my desktop client), but if you know of as way around this, that would be great!

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