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    I have a Treo 650, and a Macbook Pro. I want to transfer .mp4 files from my mac, or windows if I must, onto my Treo 650, like how I transfer files to my PSP/Ipod Video. Do you need s special program to do so? Thanks for the help
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    Best way is to use an SD card reader... insert card into reader, copy/paste over using Windows Explorer or whatever.
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    i just use a card reader with my iBook. You can drop the files in the DCIM folder. If you want to watch videos on the Treo I highly recommend TCPMP, it can handle most file formats.
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    Copied from somewhere else on these forums

    OK Here goes...

    1. Insert DVD into Mac
    2. Start Handbrake
    3. Rip DVD into hard drive
    4. Open ripped DVD in QT Pro
    5. Go to Export under file menu or press Apple E
    6. Export using 'Movie to 3G' setting
    7. Set the settings as follows:

    Video Setting:
    Video - MPEG-4
    Data rate - 192
    Frames per second - 15
    Key Frame - 24
    Size - Custom 320x240

    Audio - play with this, sometimes I find the (music) setting better and sometimes I find the (speech) setting better depending on the media

    Leave all the other settings as they are...

    When the file is converted I just pop it onto my SD card and play it through the Pics and Video app on the Treo 650...
    Hope this helps
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    Another option is to SEARCH BEFORE POSTING!
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    How do you get the video back to your pc, if you don't have an SD card?
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    Quote Originally Posted by kvcobra
    Another option is to SEARCH BEFORE POSTING!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mousie
    How do you get the video back to your pc, if you don't have an SD card?
    Wow. You must have a lot of RAM if you have a DVD ripped video on your Palm.

    Simple. GET A CARD READER and SD card. They are cheap nowadays. Then, once you get it, plug it in, simply drag and drop the files from the SD card to the computer.
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    Get as big a sd card as you can get, the bigger the better...up to 2 gig unless you have your 650 modified! (Walmart $20 for 256 m sd card)
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    eBay, $45.50 for a 2 GB SD excuse

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