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    Is there any way to undo your most recent HotSync??
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    yes, hard reset and hit the previous sync, if you isolated it. If you backup to an SD card with a utility that supports multiple backups.........I use BackupManager to back up to the SD card nightly and BackupBuddy for the hotsync to the computer. Ben
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    I do use backup man, but because of all the tinkering with my phone I'd been doing, I hadn't backed up recently enough that I want to go back to the last backup.

    Not sure what you mean you mean by hitting the previous sync, if I isolated it. How exactly does one do that?

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    There was a time when I would occasionally copy the backup folder to another location before playing and some people still do that. In addition, one hot sync program I tested in a closed beta actually created backup folders on the desktop computer for different backups - not a great use of space. Another thing, if you are using a program like BackupBuddy, which does have the ability to backup the SD card, and you are using a backup program on the device to backup to the SD card, then there is a chance that one of those backups made it to the desktop computer during a sync. In my situation though, since I exclusively backup using Bluetooth, those are files that I do not backup.

    Just a long shot. Ben

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