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    Well I was under the impression that the 700P was supposed to have a much better radio secton than the 650. My experience is that it isn't so. The Sprint coverage around my house is always been marginal. I used to be able to use my 650 around my house with only a couple of dead spots and an occasional dropped call. With my 700P, dropped calls are frequent. In places the 650 used to work ok, the 700P does not work well at all. I have also notice that while the phone is sitting stationary the signal varies up and down quite a bit. I don't know if I have a bad unit or that there really was no improvement. The data download speeds have been less than stellar as well. Maybe these two problems are related? Or, maybe my phone is simply "working as designed".

    I attempted to return the phone to a Sprint store as directed by Sprint's 2nd Tier tech support but they would not exchange the phone. I guess that issue is for a different thread if I have the energy to post it.
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    I would try another headset before giving up on the 700p. I have a similar situation where sprint coverage is weak at my house yet I have found that the 700p is very strong compared to other sprint phones that I have had (i500). Get another one and let us know if there is any difference.
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    Do you mean handset?

    You know I tried once and failed and haven't had time to try again. Sprint's 2nd tier tech support told me I should go to a store and get a new phone. The MORONS at the store told me I need to contact Sprint's tech support. I told them I DID and they told me to go to the store. The store told me even though I had the insurance they couldn't help me. I AM SO FRIGGIN' ANGRY AT THEM. They're sending me in circles. Palm can't help either. They tell you to call Sprint. Arrgh. I'll try a different store.....

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