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    New user here, seems to be the place to go for Treo info. Anyway, I did a search and haven't come up with any good info. I have a Treo 600 and more often then not, when I dial a number and hit Connect it thinks for a second or 5 and then goes back to the dial pad. I'm about to toss this thing out the window. Any suggestions? I've already done the buzz mod and that fixed my there something I need to do to fix this? If it helps any, the phone shows 3-4 bars, it just wont connect.

    Thanks in advance,
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    Jason, try calling with the home charger connected.

    If it works fine with the charger connected but not when it's only using the battery, then you either have a partially dislodged battery connector or the battery is not healthy.

    My T600 acts like this from time to time and I have been able to resolve it by reseating the battery connector.

    Perhaps after the "tin foil solution" was applied the connector has become partially dislodged?

    Try making a number of calls with the charger connected to prove this either way.

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