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    Does anyone know of a route planner in which you can input an address & it will tell you the nearest Subway locations in NY?

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    The closest thing I've found to this is Metro. It's more of a destination to destination program; e.g. Metropolitan Museum of Art to Broadway/Lafayette station. However, when I tap the "i" information icon next the station it gives me cross street info for the particular station.

    When I go to New York I use Metro, X-man, AND a .prc with the image of entire NYC transit system including Brooklyn, Queens, etc. combined.

    If you're interested in these write me at puyi8sf at gmail dot com
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    I use the program Tube 2 for most of my subway travel.

    Though this website works pretty well too:
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    Thx a lot guys - I just found hopstop & it works pretty well - appreciate it
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    There's another work-around I use. I wouldn't get Vindigo just for this, but if you use it already, it tells you the subway stops closest to a given restaurant. I put in the intersection I want, look at the nearest restaurant and it's there.
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    I have used HopStop in the past and it still works on my PC. But on the Treo is does not work anymore -- it freezes, requires constant log in and does not give directions anymore. Any suggestions?
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    Google Maps displays nearby subway stops now.
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    There is also a Google Maps Subway hack so you can see the actual lines.
    I find this very helpful. Not sure if it will run on the treo.
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    You might also want to try the MTA's new trip planner specially made for PDA's & smartphones -

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