I use a Tungsten T2 to sync my Windows XP computer at work with a Mac I have at home, and I really like having access to my PIM data no matter where I am.

Unfortunately, my company is removing Palm sync/desktop software from our computers at work, as apparently, I am the only Palm user. My options are to either get an iPaq or a Treo.

With the iPaq I will be able to continue syncing all of my information at home and work using the Missing Sync on my Mac and ActiveSync at work.

If I get a Treo, my company will pay for the Goodlink software and service for me to push my Outlook PIM data through their exchange server to the Treo. My concern is that as Goodlink creates and uses its own database, I may not be able to further sync that information with my personal PIM data on my Mac at home.

I have read about a hack to GL that allows you to continue using the Treo's built in Palm PIM apps along side the GL software, which I guess might be a comprimise. But as I understand it, that would mean having two separate calendars, two separate contacts lists, and that the two data sets would never sync.

As much as I want the Treo, I am leaning towards getting the iPaq. Unless someone has some advice for me on getting around the GL database, it seams the iPaq is the only way to keep all of my information in sync and have access to my personal data while at work and my work data while at home.

Thanks for any help or advice.