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    I did a hard reset on my phone and only want to restore my contacts. how do I do this? It's backed up with palm desktop but I don't want all the other junk that has been backed up, just the contacts.

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    There are times when installing an app can cause problems on your Treo. To fix this you hard reset, then resync your Treo, only to have the troublesome app reinstall. To prevent this its good practice when you want to hard reset and perform a clean install to rename your BACKUP FOLDER. The backup folder can be found here...

    program files/palm[or handspring]/username/backup

    I recommend you do the following...

    1: Hotsync your Treo
    2: Rename your backup folder (backup_old or backup_date)
    3: Hard reset your Treo
    4: Hotsync, being sure to select your username when asked

    This will install only the default databases (contacts, todo, datebook, memo) and create a fresh backup folder. Then you can reinstall your apps as needed, either by downloading new versions and taking the individual PRC files from the previously renamed backup folder.
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    Thanks! That helps a ton. A fresh start is what this phone needed
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    Well for just your contacts and NOT Calendar, ToDo and Memos:

    1. Rename username folder to <yourname-old>
    2. Hard Reset
    3. Delete memo.dat, datebook.dat and todo.dat from folders with same name.
    4. HotSync

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