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    Am considering using one of these programs, but not sure which to try. I've gotten to be pretty good at Graffiti, but 50 wpm w/ Fitaly is a tantilizing thought. Any opinions out there? I realize these apps do slightly different things, but I'm still curious to know which people think is best. Are any of these necessary for someone who doesn't do heavy-duty word-processing? Do they add significantly to the life of your screen? Thanks.
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    If u've got pretty good at graffti, there is no point getting those for additional cost. Try them by all means, if u like it, keep it. =) If u want to do heavy-duty word-processing, better get a storeaway keyboard. As for the screen, i think writewright should be sufficient. =)

    jus my $.02
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    Why don't you check out this recent review and the responses...
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    I can write with Grafitti OK, but who can remember the strokes for all the punctuation? I use FitalyStamp!
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    Downloaded the Fitalty stamp trial. Used it for a week and really liked the system. Takes time to get used to, but is a lot faster for me than Graffiti.
    Excellent feature is you can use a "sliding" technique to capitilze letters without the extra tap on shift.
    Also, with one tap, you can use the Graffiti area.
    Easy to "accent" characters.
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    I favor TapPad myself. There is a spot to tap that will pop up a keyboard with just the wierd punctuation marks. The numeric keypad is a joy to use, and I love the cursor control keys.
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    I think silkyboard is a great help - but make sure to download the upgraded version (v2.2) from their website as well, as this made a big difference for me.

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