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    One of my users just returned a Treo 600 complaining of a broken keyboard. Upon testing the following keys produce these results.
    q = "left"
    w = "right"
    e = "up"
    r = "down"
    t = opens Messages
    y = power off/on
    u = power off/on
    0 = dead key

    This is even after I perfomed a hard reset, battery disconnect reset, and replaced the keyboard. Only thing left is to replace the motherboard, however, before I do that, has anyone got any ideas?

    Can keyboard keys be re-mapped like the button keys?

    Can a motherboard from a CDMA phone be replaced by one from a GSM phone, assuming swapping the radios and rom?


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    Updated the ROM as a last resort but it still malfunctions.

    on-screen keyboard works so I guess this goes into the emergency box
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    weiirddd.. sounds like possible water damage, or otherwise keys shorting??

    could attempt to activate it then request replacment? i dont know what the ethics situation is like on that -=P

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