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    I just got the 700p{sprint} and when I am in the car [lexus 430 ]the phone rings only on the hand set and not through the car speakers but it shows up fine on my navigation system. My treo 650 rang through the speakers which is the same car . How do I get it to ring through the car speakers. Thankyou in advance..
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    A number of TC members are experiencing problems with BT functionality in their cars b/w the 700p and the 650. For me, caller id would show up in my car (BMW) correctly 100% of the time with the 650, but only 25% of the time with the 700p. The other 75% of calls have random #'s from my call log or address book.
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    Thanks for responding to the ringing problem. I had a random number appear on the nav screen and it wasn't that person calling. I believe we will have to wait for a software update to correct the ringing through the nav system and eliminating false numbers showing up on the screen. It's a shame since my 650 worked great but that was after they got the bugs out. The only problem is that by the time that happens the 750 will be out.
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    I found that through the nav system the display will be the last number that called you in your car from the log . It has confused me at times since I have my calls fowarded from my answering machine at home when someone leaves me a message on my home phone. It is suppose to ring and when I answer it beeps me letting me know I have a message at home. What is happening is the last callers name appears on the cars nav system and I think it is a caller and not a beeping message indicating to call home for messages.I went to the sprint store and their tech person will foward the problem. My id screen is fine when the car is not involved.

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