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    I don't know about other phones, but the 700p has a BT option to make the phone "visible." Some people have suggested making the phone visible as a way to minimize the headset disconnection problem that most 700p owners are experiencing.

    My question is this - Is there any disadvantage to making the phone visible all the time? Specifically, I'm concerned about any kind of security issue. I recall when BT phones first came on the scene there was concern that people would be able to make calls on your BT phone without your knowledge. It would really suck if every time I walked into a Starbucks people were connecting their laptops to the Internet throug my phone.

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    I wouldn't do it. Too many hackers out there with ulterior motives.
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    It's probably a good idea to mask your class if you do. It has its advantages. However minimizing dropped connections isn't one of them. Once two devices are paired, their hardware addresses are stored, visible or invisible, each device knows hows to attach to the other. As far as the security issues, masking the device's class will probably deter 99% of snarfers. The other 1% could probably passively detect the name (maybe even the address) with either sniffers or cleverly constructed frames.

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