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    My Verizon 650's indicator light periodically turns a steady orange. At that time, the phone will kick any incoming calls to voice mail and it looks like a data connection is active (small green arrows). However, I have no app set to run or connect to anything periodically, so this is a mystery to me. Anyone else see this? I heard the orange indicator could show roaming, but when it occurs, I am stationary in an area with good coverage.

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    I posted the exact same problem yesterday. When this occurs with my 700p the battery gets hot and drains fast. Now, today it's not doing it at all. strange. BTW, Palm told me that it may be a defective unit and to call VZW for a replacement, but since it's not doing it all the time,I am loathe to have to reinstall all my apps all over again with a fresh Treo if I don't have to.
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    I have not noticed the heat and battery draining. For me, the orange light stays on for a few minutes (during which time no incoming calls can connect), and then goes off.
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    One way to tell for sure if it is the phone or not is to backup the existing configuration and hard reset. Run on the minimum configuration for a few days to see if the problem continues. If it clears up, then restore the backup. If the problem comes back you know for sure that it isn't the phone and you have a software issue.


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