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    Quote Originally Posted by danspalmone
    Well, are you experiencing the phone app lag (PAL)? PAL is a very frustrating thing where you are using the Treo as a phone and it becomes unresponsive although the phone call remains connected. This means you are unable to, for example, hang up, switch from or to speakerphone or answer call waiting. Making matters worse, the Treo then, at some point (5 to 20 seconds later or se) responds to all the button presses all at once. For me this sometimes means an inadvertant call to the first contact in my address book. See my original thread for more info.

    If you are experiencing PAL, try removing your SD card to test! Despite the name, PAL is not your friend!
    Okay, for me the PAL is there some percentage of the time and it is a pain. But the lag between switching apps was ALWAYS there until I popped out my SD card (1g San Disk). Now it is MUCH faster, pretty much on par with my wife's Treo 650 (okay, the 700 is still a *little* slower, but not terrible like it was when the card was in). I feel really happy that we figured that part out. I can't wait for firmware upgrade. Perhaps the Palm OS really is a dinosaur... but I still like its tightness and efficiency...
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    Quote Originally Posted by justleft
    Do you have the 'Clear cache on exit' box checked in preferences on the advanced tab? I am using a 700P on Verizon and get no lag when switching to another app from blazer - unless I check that option.

    Are you saying it's faster to switch from Blazer to Phone if you leave the box UNchecked for clear cache? Checked or Unchecked?

    After reading your message, I experimented with checking and unchecking the Clear Cache box, and my initial impression is that it's actually FASTER switching from Blazer to Phone if the box is left UNchecked. There is still a delay, but the delay time seems less with the box unchecked.

    I need to experiment more on this, but so far this seems like the most promising solution I've come across
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