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    I can't stand how google works on the treo. is it blazzer? I'm sure it is.
    is there a way that I can search with google and select one of the searched results, and then access the sites without google in the way.

    for example. I search for "treo alarm" I get a link to I select it. I navigate to the app. I select download. then I get this error messages like. google can't render the page. I thought I was done with google like 3-4 pages ago. why does this keep hanging on.
    is there some setting I can set or a differet search engien?

    thanks, cody
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  3. #3,, etc. Any of the normal ones will work for you. The default bookmarked google site ( use google's web proxy and are probably giving you the errors.
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    I have always found google too prolific ...more hits but way more useless hits to waddle thru ... nice catchy name googlr ... but I find Yahoo much more "targeted" in its results making me waste less time perusing garbage sites..
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    Note that and currently redirect to when viewed with Blazer, so you need to use explicitly to get the full google.

    Also: gives PDA-sized search results that link to the real (unproxied) destinations.

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