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    what are your top 5 apps that you can't live with out. I am so new to this treo thing. I can't belive all the apps that are out there. I don't want to bog my unit down with junk so I'm asking the forum. what 5 apps are the " must have " apps?

    thanks, cody
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    Been asked many times but...........
    1. TakePhone
    2. 2Day
    3. Directory Assistant
    4. File Z
    5. Documents to Go

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    chatter, ludusp, filez, directory assistant, resco backup
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    Launcher X, Chatter, Directory Assistant, KeyCaps, Resco Backup

    By the way, there is a huge thread on this at
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    Sure, it's been discussed... but I always find these threads fun to read. Been using PalmOS software since the Pilot, and I usually find something new in a thread like this. So here are mine:

    Datebk6, Profiles, SnapperMail, SplashID, BackupMan
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    theres already a list...

    anyway, I never found the need for takephone. Can someone tell me why its so valuable?
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    LauncherX, BackupBuddy, LED Off (I hate little lights!), TCPMP, VolumeCare. Add Docs to Go and my Treo does everything I need quickly and easily.
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    Quote Originally Posted by trim81
    theres already a list...

    anyway, I never found the need for takephone. Can someone tell me why its so valuable?
    I don't use it myself, but I just got done installing it for a co-worker. Searching by company name (rather than first/last) is something he needed, that the built-in dialer can't do. At a cursory glance, there looked to be a lot of neat options in there. Might download a trial myself...
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    Takephone has many advantages which I will not mentione. In addition to the simple lookup and flexibility to search within words etc., for me the most important one is possibly the least used by many others - the ability to automatically dial a a calling card sequence (done within the application) whenever I call a number beginning with a certain area code. This saves me a fortune. With the Treo, you must manually set up each phone number and use one of the one button favorites - very limiting and tremendously time consuming.
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    Agendus Pro, Launcher X, Butler, ReDo, SharkMsg


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    Filez, Dir Asistance, eReader,BackupMan(1.55),Leonard Maltin Movie Guide(though I wish there were more updates to the database)
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    BackupBuddyVFS (had to use it for a restore not more than 5 minutes ago!!!!), Dir Assist, 4cast, datebk6, avantgo
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    DA, mobileTS, KMaps, BackupMan, Ptunes Deluxe
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    (PIM apps), Docs To Go, Versa Mail, Web, Handmark Express, Backup Buddy, Real Player

    Ya, I know, more than 5.

    Cheers, Perry.
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    snappermail, rescobackup/explorer,quicknews,DTG and hi-launcher.......i have many more but tried to stay in the boundaries of this particular forum
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    Yes, this same topic has been written about many previous times before. For me, it would be pretty much impossible to only have 5 must-have apps. It would be more like top 25 out of 100!!

    In any case, here's my 5:

    Chatter: Must have instant emails...can't live without it nowadays

    VolumeCare: Must be able to hear the caller at a noisy bar while sipping a brewsky

    Instant Messaging: Must be able to notify the wife asap to get dinner tonight! :-))

    Phone: Must be able to call the wife asap to get dinner if she doesn't respond to my IM !

    Web: Must be able to post my worthless .02 cents of replies to TreoCentral's forum! Hyuck, hyuck!

    By the way, do the built-in apps of Phone and Web count, or can I list 2 more?
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    chatter-splash money-2day-zlauncher-tomtom those are my favorites that i use day to day

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    OK so I us a 650 but what the hey:
    1. Launcher X
    2. DA
    3. Snapper Mail
    4. 2 Day
    5. Resco Backup (God send)
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    chatter, verichat, web, phone, cardbackup by jkware
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    I like these threads because invariably I find a key app that I just never knew anything about previously.

    Directory Assistance is an example of this. Does someone have a link where I can get this?

    Thanks in advance!


    OK, never mind I found it already.

    What a great little app!

    Oh, and my five:

    Docs To Go, Chess Tiger, Card Reader, ZLauncher, Resco Backup

    If the hacks/mods count I would likely have listed or strongly considered PalmRevolt and Fontsmoother.
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