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    Does Sprint charge extra for it? I have Handmark express, but it costs me about $70/year.
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    Agendus Pro
    Documents to go
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    realizing everyone has different taste and uses, but how is DA - Directory Assistant not in the top 5, if not #1 on everybodys list? It is THE killer app for a phone/pda combination.
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    PTunes Deluxe
    Bobs Alarm 3.501
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    I wish the OP would have said this (maybe you can edit your post so new entrants willl see it right off the bat), but from now on, when stating your favorite apps, can you mention whether or not you have actually tested it with the 700p and if it caused any problems? Since this is the 700p forum and all.

    So far lots of applications have been listed in this thread and I'm certain some of them cause problems with the 700p. Would be nice to get the low down from the devotees.
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    Pocket Quicken

    (Not mentioned in my first list.)
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    DA - not tested on 700p yet
    ListPro - tested and works
    Timesheet - tested and works
    TeaPot - tested and works
    VZW Wireless Sync/E-mail - tested and sort of works
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    Launcher X
    Agendus Pro
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    We needed this cause the "Top 6 Applications You Can't Live Without" thread was ?????

    I'll list these as "necessary to owning a Treo

    Uninstall Manager

    But these are my most used 5:

    Treo Alarm
    Time Manager Pad

    When Traveling:

    Directory Assistant

    Check this out:

    The top 100 as measured by what's installed on people's devcies when logging into TrackerDog site
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    Quote Originally Posted by JackNaylorPE
    Check this out:

    The top 100 as measured by what's installed on people's devcies when logging into TrackerDog site
    Interesting list. Especially that PalmaSutra is number 45.
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    speaking of TrackerDog - do you successfully use that site? I have tried it before, but got confused with all of the updates that it showed that I needed for things like Blazer, etc... How often do you run it?
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    You don't "use the site" ... you use the program.

    I have trackerdog installed. Each time you hotsync (well it has some feature which tells it to ignore if you HS'd recently) , it logs onto the TD website and downloads a DB of programs you have installed to your machine which it then HS's w/ ya Treo. On ya Treo it compares the latest version of each app to your version.
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    SplashID (updated version)

    BackupBuddy VFS (a life Saver!)

    Agendus Pro v11 (taking the place of ACT! for Palm - until I get it working right - new version is quite satisfying to use)

    Document to Go 8 (nice - even reads .pdf files)

    Launcher X (best of them all - includes good set of tools, security features, lock and close function and even soft reset without removing the battery cover and backup functions)

    In fact - these are the only 5 I seem to need. All work well together and I have very few issues or resets!

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    what "support blogging restaurant reviews."?? can you share the web site here? I think that is a wonderful idea! i don't like to pay for the Zegat (sp?) review, but wouldn't mind see photo of the food. yum!

    Quote Originally Posted by Keefer Lucas
    I still TRY to use Avantgo, but it has real problems maintaining it's cookie-connection to my 700p, so I too-frequently find myself with nothing cached and no ability to refresh until I can get back to a PC and reset my connection over the web.

    As someone who spends alot of time on the ocean I have always enjoyed TideTool and feel like that FREE program alone has sold thousands of Palm devices.

    My girlfriend is a flight attendant and FlightStatus comes in handy and is a great FREE Gee-Whiz demonstrator to friends about what having a Treo is like.

    I figured out a great way to use the camera - and its even better now with the 700p's improved resolution. I snap photos of store and restaurant hours and the class schedule on the whiteboard at my gym, and the weekly activity schedule of my kid's summer camp. I also snap photos of restaurant menus so that I can refer to them in the future, and to support blogging restaurant reviews.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nchargreed
    Now, we have On Demand which is installed IN THE ROM and it offers a "411" feature.
    I believe 411 is one of the features that stops working 2 weeks after you start using it unless you pay for it. (I think the dictionary might still keep working).

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    Quote Originally Posted by nchargreed
    Why are yall still using DA, and after searching Palmgear, the last update to the program was in 2001 and it got HORRIBLE reviews. Is that the version everybody is using???
    I've got to assume if all the cool kids (that's us) are using it, there must be something to it. Actually they just did an update to it last week (or the one before) for the Treo 700p. The only problem I've found is it uses those tiny mapquest maps.

    Use the beta link in the first post of this thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by justleft
    Does Sprint charge extra for it? I have Handmark express, but it costs me about $70/year.
    I think they have one more module free (entertainment) than the actual express (maybe two?)

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    I assume we are talking 5 apps not built-in to the Treo 700P, and excluding small hacks like KeyCaps, LedOff. etc.

    1.) Snappermail - best email client
    2.) Verichat - Best IM tool, and now there's a hacked version, it works great on 700P
    3.) Agendus Pro - No better PIM exists.
    4.) Launcher X - The fast,clean, lightweight launcher
    5.) PDANet - In a pinch, provides a evdo link for your laptop. It can save the day when not near a hotspot.
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    Quote Originally Posted by garylapointe
    I think they have one more module free (entertainment) than the actual express (maybe two?)

    Thanks for the reply. From various threads it seems Sprint is charging for the full set off DA features, which is similar to what Handmark is doing for non Sprint customers.
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    All tested with 700p.

    I honestly don't see the appeal of DA. I've got google local if I need it. DA always used to crash my 650 so after 3-4 tries I gave up. However, I live in Manhattan, where our navigational needs are a bit different.
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