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    Is it just me, or does the battery on the 700 kinda suck? I barely get 12 hours of it with light usage, maybe 20 minutes of talk time per day. Is my battery defective, or does everyone else here get the same performance out of their standard batteries. My blackbery 7100 used to work for about 3 days, even with bluetooth on. Does having versamail check for mail every 5 minutes really draw that much power? I am probably going to get one of the 2400mh batteries, but I just wanted to see if anyone else was having the same issues. Isnt the phone supposed to last for a few days on standby?
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    I think many of us are experiencing the same rapid battery drain.
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    My battery drain is only excessive during Power Vision usage, especially while streaming audio/video. My battery drain during phone usage seems about the same as the 650 which was, in my opinion, very good. It sounds like you have a bad phone or battery.
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    I don't know about that. My battery seems to almost completely drain overnight. Full at 10pm and almost empty at 7 am.
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    Ditto with vision only. My battery will normally would be down to only 80% after 9 hours at work without using the phone. SMS once in a while or 1 call. Once I start using Vision, it goes down dramatically.
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    i got the Seidio Extended 2400mAh battery. It definitely helps. Highly recommended.
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    Yep, the battery is ***. I don't care how long it might last when not using data, because--get this--I want to use my smartphone for email. Imagine that.
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    My battery life isn't bad. With Bluetooth enabled and being connected to EVDO (VZW) with synchronization with NotifyLink every five minutes and moderate phone use, I can go a whole day and be down to about 40% in the evening, without charging. Days when I'm in the office, I have it charging when I'm at my desk and then I rarely go below 80% when I take it out and use if for awhile. If I turn off Bluetooth and the EVDO connection, the drain is very slow. One thing I have done is turn of the beaming ability.
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    I get great life from mine. Usage:

    1. I get e-mail every three hours
    2. Make about 20 minutes of calls a day
    3. Surf the web a bit
    4. Listen to hours of Audible and Mp3 files
    5. Play games, take pictures/video, use the dictionary, etc.

    As I don't use video or check mail every five minutes, I suppose I'm not a heavy user, though I have placed an order for the extended battery--for long camping trips.
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