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    Is there anyway, I can maybe listen to music and surf the net or run another apps?? I would like to play my music and run another app.
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    I used to play music and do other things on the 650 (like write emails, or surf the web). However, i get lots of skipping if I try to so that with the 700
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    you can do so with ptunes, but not kinoma
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    What he did not say is that the Palm OS does not support multi-tasking. One can steal a few cycles here and there and that's it. Years ago in the days of DOS there was a program from QuarterDeck - I don't remember the name of the program - anyway, with it installed, it suported multiple DOS windows that allowed you to run more than one program at the same time - not true multi-tasking, it allowed you to set up the number of "ticks" or something like that and with a good processor able to handle the load, you could get a lot done. I ran a BBS for many years with it and it ran very well with three active notes running PCBoard by Clark Development.


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