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    Ditto what lawilson said - the Quick Launch feature in zLauncher lets you remap.

    And dcpmark makes a good point. It seems more recent "improved" apps have developed a habit of taking over other function keys. Can be a pain to deal with.

    The current, non-beta version of zLauncher has been very stable for me, so no plans to upgrade. Why tempt fate?
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    I launch Epocrates from the side button on the Treo--one hit, start rx'ing. Are their any other changes for this new Beta over the old? I am pretty happy c their last beta they emailed me about a week or so ago, so not sure it is worth the change for me. I like the remaps that LudusP provides--ie--green button as all in one phone button, old phone button now blazer, etc. If any really go upgrades over the last beta I would consider it. thanks
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    good idea, with the side button. No, the new beta really does not do anything more.
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    Working o.k. for me, just slow..maybe it's the 700p?
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