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    I was having issues with my Plantronics 640 disconnecting. At first I thought setting the BT to "visible" fixed the problem, but it really didn't. It still disconnected every 30-60 min. Better than every 5 minutes however but I still wasn't satisfied. I was already having some issues with the phone crashing intermittently when I run Blazer, and the annoying cannot wake up issue (which still I havent fixed). So I decided to do a hard reset and hotsync all needed files back to my phone. I didn't rename my backup folder however. Instead I opened up the Palm Desktop and renamed my user name. This way it renamed the entire folder so that it wouldn't restore anything in that folder at all. I then created another user with the correct user name. This created a fresh clean folder of my actual user name. I then hotsynced my freshly hard reset phone and really all it did was re-assign my hotsync ID back to my phone. I then went to the renamed folder and went into the backup folder and double clicked on all the files I wanted to hotsync back to my phone. ie. Snapper, Verichat, etc. All of my 3rd party apps. And ofcourse my contacts, SMS, and favorites. But excluded everything else along with Saved and Unsaved Preference. After completion and reentered all my codes for my 3rd party apps. Lastly I provisioned my phone again by doing ##data# then Update Vision Profile in the menu. That's it. I did all this 2 days ago and so far my Blazer no longer crashes but mostly my Plantronics 640 rarely disconnects. It did once yesterday after being paired for about 3 hours, but pressing the repair button on the heaset it reconnected. This was around 10 pm last night. I left my BT on all night and when I woke up this morning to my surprise it was still connected. I will do the same again this evening and see what happens. Hopefully the battery will still be good on my headset til tomorrow.
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    Oh and also to add. My BT pref has been set to "hidden" after I hard reset and never changed it.

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