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    I can pair and connect to the bluetooth car kit, but all calls come through the phone still... The phone kit mutes the car radio, but the audio comes via the phone. I tried pressing the speakerphone as well, but no luck that just makes the treo a normal speakphone (still not via BT).

    when I look at the car kit (trused devices), it shows it as an audio device. Should it be handsfree?

    what am I doing wrong?

    I am a newbie, so go easy...

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    I have the same car BT kit in my Volvo. Also had some issues at first. Here's what I did.
    1) Reset the car kit (press and hold the big center button for about ten seconds)
    2) Go to the setup menu, delete all phones.
    3) Pair your phone. Tell the HF1000 to "pair phone", then go to your Treo and enter the Bluetooth prefs. Select "setup devices." Then select "handsfree" setup. Pair with the HF1000.
    You should be good to go at this point.

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