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    Well I just picked up my very first Treo a few weeks ago. After a few days, whenever I would try to end a call, the phone would automatically reset itself without warning. I was ending the calls by pressing the "Hang Up All" button on the touch screen. Then I tried ending the call by pressing the red button but with the same result.

    Since I was still within the 14 days, I returned it back to Sprint for another 700p. 4 days later, the new phone is still reseting. It doesnt reset everytime, but it does about every 4-5 calls. Its getting annoying!!

    Anyone else have this happen to them???
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    no. what 3rd party apps do you have installed?
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    i'm having this issue too. about a week ago, i'd gotten dangerously low on storage space. the phone started restarting whenever i'd end a call. i've since moved a couple of apps to the card and deleted all the mail stored locally on my device (using Snapper).

    Unfortunately, I'm still getting the resets after every call. I have not installed any new apps. It's running the same apps that it ran when it ran flawlessly. What could it be. I've performed soft and warm resets but the issue remains.
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    anyone? anyone?
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    If your phone is a few weeks old, call tech support, return it and get a new one. If it persists, get your money back and buy another product.
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    Well, if you are running out of room then you clearly have lots of stuff on it.

    It's a simple fact of any software OS, that the more you add the more unstable things get. If you really want to fix the problem, move your backup folder on your computer, hard reset and start by restoring minimum things (like contacts calendars, etc...). Run for a day or so then start adding things back one by one. Give some time like maybe a day between each new app installation until you find a problem then delete.

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    anyone? anyone?
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