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    I have a weird problem. On the dial pad screen there are 4 favorites buttons at the bottom: Contacts, Call Log, Voicemail, & Web. I can change the Contacts button to "Call Log", but I cannot change the "Original" Call Log button to Contacts. Basically, I just wanted to switch the 2 buttons. For some reason it won't allow me to change that Call Log favorite button to anything else. It seems to be locked. Does anyone have a solution that doesn't involve installing 3rd party apps? Please help. Thanks!!
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    Anyone have any suggestions??
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    1) Open FileZ
    2) Navigate to Internal/PhoneFavorites2DB
    3) Edit it
    4) Delete the buttons you don't require from the database (Contacts is '0' and so on, you can "View" it)
    5) Exit FileZ
    6) Reconfigure as required
    Game over!
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    Just a dumb questions the buttons are next to each other , why would you want to do that ,well did u highlight the button then chose edit favorites , you have to make sure u highlight first the button you want to change
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    Sounds like you just want to swap Contacts with Call Log? First change the buttons back to your original Call Log and Contacts button. Now choose the menu option to "Edit Favorites Pages". Then just use your stylus to tap (hold) and drag your Contacts entry on top of the Call Log entry, and they will swap places.
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    Thanks a million!!! That worked perfectly.

    For the person who posted above....I just switched from the Treo 600 to the 700. On the Treo 600 the round middle button was, by default, for accessing the call log. On the 700 the middle button is like "Enter" and the contact list comes up by default. So I was constantly turning on my 700 and hitting the middle button to bring up the call log. Instead I always got the contact list. I wanted the buttons to switch places so that I didn't have to break my old habit. A little confusing to describe but I hope you understand.

    Thanks again for the quick fix Pilot1000!! I owe ya one!!
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    the green button brings up call log for 10 most recent calls. I had the same issue you described and by trial & error discovered green button is recent calls log
    hope this helps

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