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    I noticed that contacts I've started adding in Keysuite's KeyContacts does not show up in the find/search list in TakePhone. Reading some previous threads from back in 2004 showed that back then TakePhone did not support KeySuite's dbase since it creates its own dbase as opposed to use the built-in palm contact dbase.

    What viable solution do you guys recommend? Definitely need TakePhone and wish there was a way to use both TakePHone and KeySuite.... Any suggestions?

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    I'm a big Key Suite user, but it's been a while since I used TakePhone. If memory serves, TP doesn't use it's own database, but uses the native contacts DB on the handheld. Because I prefer the native contacts lookup (first initial first name, then last name), I keep both the native contacts and KS synced. Here's how...

    KS conduits are, of course, set to sync. The Outlook contacts conduit should be set to "desktop overwrites handheld". This will have the slight drawback of lengthening your sync time, but well worth the time. Make sure KS conduit is before the Outlook Contacts conduit in your conduits list in the Hot Sync manager. You want KeySuite to sync before the Outlook Contacts so updates made in KeySuite/Outlook are then also made in Outlook/Contacts. If you can't do this (sorry... I forget how to change the order of the conduits... but I know it can be done), then you'll have to sync twice.

    ONLY MAKE CHANGES TO YOUR CONTACTS IN KEYSUITE OR ON THE DESKTOP. Do not make changes in the handheld's native DB or with TakePhone. Because you've set the Outlook contacts conduit to always "desktop overwrites handheld", any changes made there will not get to your Outlook or to KeySuite.

    Hope this helps.
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    Awesome...that solved my problem!!! Thanks buddy.....

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    How did you change conduit order?
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    The newest verstion of Keysuite ver 3.6 syncs not only the Keysuite database but the native Palm Contacts database as well. They did this so all the third party programs like Takephone will work with Keysuite now. This just came out about a week ago.
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    Yes - just saw that - wonder if Keysuite will eventually include calendar as "dual sync" option?

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