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    I've been wondering...

    Are there any JAVA plug-ins for the 700p that will enable small Java applets or java-based web features to run in Blazer?

    Basically, I'm trying to visit some websites that make use of Java-based menus or small applets, but there seems to be no Java support.

    NOTE: I'm NOT talking about "java script."

    Also, I know there is a Java runtime environment for the Palm OS (that enables you to run Java programs directly on your device), but I'm specifically interested in being able to view java-based web content.

    Any solution out there???

    Thanks all!
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    I second the motion, blazer needs flash too, here here
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    Either I'm confused or your confused because that's the one reason I prefer Blazer over PocketInternetExplorer is because Blazer supports java script out of the box.

    I second the flash motion, Here Here!!!

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