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    Quote Originally Posted by SonnyS
    I hotsynced the hack onto my 700p, putting it into a non-recoverable infinite reset loop -- nothing short of a hard reset would get me out of the loop.

    I caution everyone against using this hack, since my experience was not good.
    Did you read the thread on the hack? There were fairly specific instructions regarding installation and those instructions did not include hotsyncing the file.
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    I have to admit how much I feel in love with USB modem for my Mac, since the bluetooth DUN tether doesn't work anymore.
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    Jamsys - go to Palmgear and find USB Modem. It has a note that says:

    [Copied from website] "Those who will purchase Meteor Breakout (PalmGear) at PalmGear software store will receive any other our Palm program (Jackpot Casino, Mobile Jigsaw, Landscape, Portrait, Rotation, Card Reader, USB Modem or FullPower) free of charge! Just send us e-mail and tell us the program you would like to obtain and Meteor PalmGear order id. This offer started on April 15th, 2006 and is still valid!"

    I then found Meteor Breakout, purchased it for $14, emailed them immediately with my PalmGear order #, and they emailed me the latest USB Modem the same day.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jbinbi
    If you are going to use the phone often to connect your laptop to the internet, PDANet is a great solution. It is easily one of the most worthwhile pieces of SW I purchased. I am very technical, but I rely on my phone, and did not want to mess with hacking the firmware. PDANet was trivial to setup, use, and knock wood, it has worked every time. You can eval it for a short period of time before you have to purchase. If you don't really need to rely on this setup of having the phone give you internet access to your computer; you just need it occasionaly, or if it doesn't work, no big deal, then maybe its not worth the money. For me, when I travel, I often stay at inexpensive motels without wireless, and this is my connection back.
    So does PDA Net work without PAm, without the Hack and without using it's proxy mode??
    Mark F Chinsky
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    I've thought about PDANet since the early 600 days and never used it. AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK, $they$ $require$ $that$ $you$ $purchase$ $a$ $new$ $license$ $with$ $every$ $Treo$. $$35$ $each$ $time$ $a$ $Treo$ $is$ $released$ $is$ $kind$ $of$ $silly$. $Mobile$ $Stream$ $has$ $great$ $customer$ $service$ $and$ $lifetime$ $upgrades$, $and$ $is$ $$20$ $less$ $with$ $the$ $Meteor$ $discount$ $discussed$ $above$. $And$ $I$ $won$'$t$ $have$ $to$ $worry$ $about$ $someone$ $coming$ $up$ $with$ $a$ $hack$ $for$ $the$ $next$ $Treo$ $when$ $I$ $upgrade$. $No$ $brainer$ $for$ $me$...
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    Quote Originally Posted by jbinbi
    I am very technical, but I rely on my phone, and did not want to mess with hacking the firmware.

    LOL! For those who are very Treo technical you will get why I laughed.
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    PDANet is a excellent piece of software, but I find it way to convienent that everytime someone releases a hack for the built in software to work for FREE, people come out preaching about pdanet again.

    The honest truth is you have to put the hack file onto the palm via sd card yes. But that's fairly easy, and there are multiple ways to get it to the sd card via your phone only...

    Going into a endless reset loop is more a bug of the phone showing up rather than a flaw with the code. mmastrac knew what he was doing with this, there is no instability added other that what the phone has itself.
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    Shadow, I have to ask, since the hack was made from a sprint file, wouldn't this botch a vzw phone?
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    Even though I initially got the hack to work on my Treo, it stopped working for some reason after about a week or two. I keep getting something to an affect of "no response from server". And even when it was working, I had to fiddle around with it. For example, making sure I had initiated data connection through the browser first or resetting my Treo.

    In answering the topic of this thread, I personally prefer USB Modem. I found it to be more efficient and more stable than PDANet. It's also cheaper and you can get a "free" game with it (or vice versa). And I have never gotten the message "no response from server". Also, I don't like the fact that I have to load a PDANet app on my PC to use my Treo as a modem (even though to some people it does make setup a lot easier).

    I guess the same thing for the hack as well. I have to load and install the Sprint Modem Manager (or something to that affect). On the USB Modem, the Treo driver is small enough to load it on my SD card. And using Card Reader (from the same company), I can pretty much load the driver to any PC and start up a dial connection.

    To me USB Modem was worth the money spent. YMMV

    PS I do not work work for Mobile Stream or any other company that sells Palm apps or software apps. Just giving my 2 cents.
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    So does USB modem work without the hack and without PAM on sprint?
    Mark F Chinsky
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    Mark F Chinsky
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    does usmodem work with verizion without the DUN plan?
    i tired it once, it worked, but after that i cant even get on the internet with my unlimited data plan. any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Pda Net Works great for me. I had trouble saying and getting connected with the hack

    Treo 700p Sprint Favorite apps in order: phone, navigator (tomtomGPS) , NV Backup, Docstogo, Versa, keycaps, minitones, PdaNet, Butler, palmPDF, volcare, AOL im, DA, BOLD MEANS FREE
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    Hi, I didn't want to repeat "instruction" on the hack. many TC posted in Tethered mode hack! but freetreo700p's post above give the list of things you need. I actually printed out a few of "good" instruction and was able to do it in less than 5 mintues (not including the research time). [back to the topic] I download the Mobile-stream and it works great!

    [off topic] also download the "card-reader" it works great for me.

    best of luck.
    Visor -> Treo 300 -> Sprint Treo 700p -> Treo 800w
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    So which one is the best USB Modem or PDAnet or is it a toss up.
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    I say USB Modem is the best, because it has Mac, Windows, AND Linux support and supports BOTH Bluetooth and USB on all three platforms. I can't speak for June Fabrics (creators of PDAnet) but Mobile Stream (creators of USB Modem) have been fantastic at support and I strongly recommend them.
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    USB Modem all the way for me. Cheaper and it doesn't have to load the PDANet PC client to memory on the PC. However, installation of the app is a bit more "*****" proof with PDANet in my opinion.
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    freetreo - good point! Not only is PDAnet Windows only, you have to install and run their client for it to work. USB Modem "just works". And no, I am not affiliated with the company that makes USB Modem in any way - I just like the product's simplicity and the fact that it works easily.
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