I use BackupBuddy. HotSync log on 700p always shows this error message, "BackupBuddy failed to backup DB PmTraceDatabase [C='pmtL'T='pmtL') due to: Failed to retrieve database from handheld"

HotSynce log also shows, later in each log report, "BackupBuddy failed to backup DB PmTraceDatabase [C='pmtL'T='C:\Program Files\palmOne\[hosync id]\Backup\PmTraceDatabase_pmtL_85.pdb'] due to: FileStore: error opening file for reading: C:\Program Files\palmOne\[hosync id]\Backup\PmTraceDatabase_pmtL_85.pdb

Anyone have a clue why this is, whether it is important and, if it is important, how to fix it? For reference, my 700p works well, and I have no problems with any apps or other performance. Maybe I'm just fussy, but I don't like there being an unresolved error. However, in the "if it aint broke..." department, I won't do anything to "fix" this unless I am highly confident of the solution.