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    Well, after some bumping and posting on the Iambic posts, the following things were said to be fixed and so far, seem to be in 11.01. I'm impressed..

    *821234567. Used to dial 821234567 and drop the *.

    Two alarms would hose phone; now uses Palm alarm manager entirely, so alarms co-exist peacefully.

    Butler cannot remind the user of a missed alarm in Agendus. Fixed same as problem above, uses palm alarm management, which Butler plays with nicely.

    Wallpaper settings still suck, they crash the 650 unless you've just rebooted, basically.. I haven't seen any other problems immediately, but I just updated today and it was a busy day.. Just did a little problem regression and a little poking.

    One annoyance is that snoozed alarms are placed in the alert manager, not set as future alarms, so you have the blinky asterisk the whole time there's a snoozed alarm. If I snoozed it, I don't need reminding of it constantly.. There are other bugs logged on their support site.
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    Well, I probably should have checked here before I upgraded! However, so far the only real annoyance is that the "Today" view is incredibly so - so much so that I've moved back to the week view. I always used week before, but with the 10.x version I had on there I had started using Today.

    There is a definite "lag" when opening Agendus - either directly (which takes me to the address book), or the calendar button.

    I wasn't really using Trips - so that didn't blow up on me

    Interestingly enough, the service icon (i.e. where it shows that I'm connected to the network, etc.) seems to "come and go" and sometimes just shows a blank box where it would normally appear.

    I get a lot of alarms/SMS/popups that land on top of each other, and honestly I've never noticed a problem with them before, so I can't comment on whether this is "better" with this version.

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    Yeah, I noticed the Today view is a bit crowded. I don't understand the point of the "Alarms" section, but you can configure all that, rearrange things, etc..

    What bugs me is there is no decent ability to select a smaller font without going to a microscopic one, but that might just be a PalmOS limitation that could be worked around with Fonts4OS5 or FontSmoother (although I never quite got FontSmoother to work right..)

    The signal icon does that a lot, it gets cleared, then it takes a second or two to update, so it has a blank spot. I'd personally like to disable it entirely.

    I'm glad you never had problems with alarms stacking, but lord I did... Maybe Butler, maybe something else, but whatever the setup was, a lot of people were getting freezes or soft resets when multiple alarms/sms/etc happened in a row.

    Seems better now. I haven't had a chance to really play with it much, just simple stuff like adding appointments, no links, trips, directions, etc.
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    My Treo resets everytime I tabbed on the attendee list from a meeting that was synchnized from Outlook that contains attendee who is not in my contact list. Only possible solution I see is to add the unnamed person in to the contact list, but I really don't want to do that for all the meeting attendees. Anyone know a workaround?
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    just a question.

    I downloaded Agendus 2 days ago. I am curious what evryone likes about it so much? I know it is very popular and I am wondering if I am not using the software appropriately? I have tried the calander function and actually prefer the PALM calander more. Beyond that I don't really see much here. I like the smaller fonts. And I guess it is nice to search the internet directly, but I am frustrated that the search option is buried in menus and not on the front screen.

    Why are you guys enjoying it? What do you use it for the most?
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    I have to get the entire unit replaced AGAIN because I get in perpetual reset loop. Is this because of Agendus? If I can't answer the phone (because I'm away from it or it is on silent) it rings or vibrates until I do a soft reset. I like Agendus but I've had enough. Any other apps that are similar? Anyone else have this problem?
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    I don't buy the "agendus killed my Treo" thing.. but several people have reported they still have problems with Agendus freezing the unit when there are multiple things going on at once. However, a soft reset fixes that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by khaytsus
    I don't buy the "agendus killed my Treo" thing.. but several people have reported they still have problems with Agendus freezing the unit when there are multiple things going on at once. However, a soft reset fixes that.
    Yeah, I might buy it IF it was the only app on the Treo. But what can I say, I have had pretty good luck with Agandus 11.01.

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    * Treo 680: corrected unexpected "reassignment" of Treo Phone button on new install
    * Treo 680: added support for its built-in phone dialer application
    * Addressed problem with default category assignment on new events when not created in their respective view
    * Corrected failure of Task/Call from Template to observe the default date setting in Task Preferences
    * Corrected redraw issue in Memo edit mode when selecting icons using the DPad
    * Corrected redraw problem in Icon picker when switching between other Icons sets using dpad with certain steps
    * Removed the prompt to assign hard buttons appearing on first launch to minimize side-effect occurring on unknown hardware platforms
    * Corrected failure to properly hide Private Contacts in Attendee selector & Attendee tab when private records set to Hide/Mask
    * Solved duplication of Contact in contact field after copying contact info then pasting in new meeting details
    * Corrected wrong meeting time showing on alarm dialog with certain alarm settings
    * Restored cursor default position to Contact Field per user requests
    * Corrected inproper cropping of Memo title text when icon is assigned & "double quotes" are used around the text
    * Resolved stability issue upon using 'Log' on known contact for SMS or Email from Agendus Mail
    * Resolved stability issue when trying to add attendees to a meeting just created from YourCall
    * Premier Edition: improved the application icon appearing in the launcher
    * Added error message when Auto-Disconnect attempts to disconnect, but other applications are using the network
    * Addressed distored recording issue occurring when saving to memory card
    * Solved inconsistencies in Contact Tap/Hold menu present in some localized versions
    * Desktop Setup Application switched from InstallShield to Innosetup reduces download footprint and solves the "error -6001" installation issues.
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