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    I've got a Verizon 700p (work pays for it )

    It's got GoodLink (4.8.x) on it, and not much else. I have ZLauncher installed, but it's not yet set to take-over the home screen.

    The majority of the crashes are attributed to Goodlink (I dial #*#377 after a crash and it says GoodLink), but sometimes it happens from other apps. I just fired up VersaMail and it caused a crash.

    When I say "crash," the device simply restarts itself.

    I've not yet tried a full-on hard reset; I suppose I could do that, but it's not like I've been throwing on a bunch of random apps. It's got Good and VersaMail and that's it.

    Should I go exchange for a new one, does this sound like a device problem?
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    Are you running the version of Good that supports the 700p? There might be some fluke that doesn't run on the new Palm OS. If you are, then a hard reset is the only true way to tell. Load an app at a time and see how it goes. I suspect something is corrupt.

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    It's running the absolute latest official build of Good 4.8, which is the one that supports the 700p. Our server is on 4.8.x as well - everything should be supported.

    I originally thought it was Good and ONLY Good, but like I said, this time I started VersaMail and it caused a reboot, so...

    I guess I'll be trying a hard reset first, but I have a feeling it's either a problem RELATED to Good somehow, or a hardware issue. I've also had it crash when switching to the phone app - it starts to display the phone keypad and then i get whitescreen and restart... but 377 tells me that GoodLink caused the crash.

    Alternatively, it might just have something to do with data on the phone. Good (obviously) likes to use data, and so does Versamail. I've also had it happen when I startup Blazer.

    Of note, I am running the Phone library hack so I can tether on the off chance I need it. However, I removed the hack after I first saw crashes, and I continued to see them without it, so I don't believe it is at fault. When I hard reset I'll definitely leave it out for a while, just in case.

    I've just been tweaking out my ZLauncher settings in preparation for using it as my main launcher again, and I don't want to lose them all. I think it may have some form of export system though... I'll have to look.

    Oh yeah, I'm not the only person with this problem, either. There's another guy complaining about the exact same issue in a thread down in the GoodLink forum (under Developer's Corner). Scroll to the second last post to see the identical problem; it's obvious that someone else is having other issues as well, but the symptoms aren't the same as mine. I originally thought it was Good-specific since 377 kept saying so, but now that I'm seeing other stuff I'm not 100% sure.

    It's very hard for me to get by without GoodLink (need it for work), so I don't know if I can go without *that* for a week to rule it out or not...
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    With all I have been hearing about Goodlink, I just wouldn't trust it until their is some fix for the 700P. The question is how long update wise before the 700P is as stable as the 650?...Until then, I watch out with getting too app happy. I am currently using only 4 apps that are compatible and work fine with my baby, and try to utilize what the P already has to offer. I do understand Good is needed for some by their employer.
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