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    How dare they do this after I pay good money on a CDMA Treo!

    Jk...but a black treo would be sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!
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    That's freaking hilarious. Thanks, you made my day.

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    at&t iPhone3G
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    Um...Does it strike anyone else as strange that they'd make a new, cool, black Treo out of the 650, and not the 700w/p?

    Maybe they figure that this way, they can add $300 to the price of a 650 (from palm's site ) for a grand total of $599, and folks might still consider it, whereas if they were to add $300 to the 700p at $399 for a grand total of $699, no one would bite?

    Maybe...though I find it difficult to imagine that if you're willing to spend an extra $300 for the cool-factor of the black, that you wouldn't spend $400 for the black PLUS the latest phone.

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    Seriously! Who's gonna spend $600 on a 650?!? Dumb move, right after releasing a brand new phone, trying to get poor GSM folks to pick up an outdated model.
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    Maybe they did what dcpmark is suggesting and spray painted a bunch of 650's, hoping to dump them before they release the GSM 700p. Or maybe they were just feeling sorry for the GSM people and wanted to try to sell them something new and shiny.
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    I passed over this thread a couple times,
    I'm glad I came back and took another look.
    Just call me Berd.

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