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    I have a user with a Treo 650. I need to migrate their palm from their Goodlink Service to their desktop. What would be the easiest way of going about this?
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    What do you mean migrate?
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    I don't use Good but if I understand you correctly the user will no longer be syncing their Treo to a Server wirelessly.

    Is there a desktop Hotsync conduit on the user's desktop to includes Good conduits? Then I'd select Handheld overwrites Desktop for the databases needed AND disable the wireless sync on the Treo.

    If there's no Good conduits in Hotsync then I'd try changing the native Palm conduits to Handheld overwrites Desktop and again disable wireless syncing.

    Again, these are suggestions, I don't use Good.
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    Thanks for the suggestions. I am not exactly sure as to what setup the user has at their desktop. The user won't be available till later this week. I am just trying to get a head start on the assignment.
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    If they are currently using GoodLink and will no longer be using GoodLink and want to get the information that is in GoodLink onto their desktop, it is already there. GoodLink synchronizes with Exchange, so all the information that is in GoodLink can be found in the users Outlook.

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