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    OK - I cannot find any "official" documentation on this phenomenon, so feel free to comment on the following:

    When using Blazer on my Treo 700p for roughly 15 minutes, the screen suddenly "dimmed" (not totally black), just an abrupt change to a lower backlight setting (kind of like when the screen dims during a call after you've been talking for a minute or two).

    Then, after about 30 seconds, the full brightness returned abruptly.

    Minutes later, the same thing happened again - dimmed to about 50% brightness, then a few minutes later, returned to full brightness.

    This continued to repeat every few minutes, randomly.

    I've read posts about "theories" of LCD backlight dimming due to overheating and such, but I am disturbed to think my phone is overheating after 15 minutes of surfing the web, with no 3rd party apps running. Plus, I can't substantiate this theory with any written documentation from Palm.

    Anybody have any input on this odd and annoying phenomenon???
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    that was happening to me a couple of days ago! Very strange, I don't know if i've seen it happen since.
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    yes that happened to me once - sprint 700p
    Cingular 680
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    So, is this a "defect" or a "feature."

    Why is this happening? Anybody have any information on this topic?

    My Treo 600 never did this.
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    This happens to me alot.. it is really annoying when you are outside.. I can't even see my screen.

    This has never happened to my wifes phone though. I am having other problems with my phone so I am exchanging it. (But I will hold out until I get the blueish screen one instead of the orangish screen one.)
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    It has happened here as well, soft reset seems to correct it temporarily, Palm should be made aware of it though...
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    Mine does this all the time as well
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    Best as I can tell this is an overheating issue (or rather the phone trying to protect itself from overheating). I've never seen any formal documentation on this but found a lot of anecdotal accounts of this happening with the 650 as well.

    This happened to me once the first night I had mine. I was doing speed tests repeatedly (15+ minutes) and charging the phone at the same time. I did notice that it had started getting pretty hot and was wondering if that was ok when the screen all of a sudden dimmed itself. You can tell that this isn't normal dimming because the screen dims but the keyboard stays at the same brightness. I also noticed that it it was taking intermediate breaks from charging during this time (I know for a fact that other devices will do this to protect the battery from overheating). After it cooled down for 10 minutes everything went back to normal and it has never happened again.

    I have noticed that using the EVDO radio seems to heat the phone up VERY quickly. This isn't an issue during normal casual browsing, but if you are running speed tests (or possibly downloading something big) you will notice it heat up. If you combine this with something like charging the phone then you will have a warm phone (as in laptop warm). I should ephasize that during this time the phone was not in any way erratic or unstable. It was getting hot enough were I was thinking of giving it a break even if it hadn't dimmed itself. Wonderful to think that at this rate the next generation of phones may need an internal fan.

    BTW, I think Palm already knows about it as I think they put it there in the first place (the behavior seems too consistent and measured to be accidental). It would be nice if they put this in the documentation so that we didn't have to second guess our Treo's health, but my guess is that they may not want this aspect of the Treo to be very widely publicized (given that I have never seen any official comment by them on the issue). They're probably afraid that if there was talk or admission of overheat issues with a phone it would scare potential users off (which is probably an accurate assesment).
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