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    Is it possible to configure my Treo 700p so that it will always dial my phone card # first, wait for the dial tone, enter my phone card pin number, and than dial the number I wanna dial to (the number I chose to dial in my Contacts)?

    Thank you.
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    Yes, set up a "favorite" from your phone screen--use coma's as pauses--use as many coma's as needed ,,,, each one pauses about 1-second to time pauses between the various actions. I use it to check my work voicemail--enter the phone #, wait, enter the extension, wait, enter the pass code--PRESTO!
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    So you mean setup a "favorite" button with "speed Dial" stuff? Than I will press that "favorite" button, and than go to my Contacts and than choose the number I want to dail? Is that right?

    Just wondering if it is possible to "enable" that "speed dial" all the time, so I only have to choose the number I want to dial from my Contacts, or even manually enter a 7 digit phone number, and it will always dial that "speed dial" for me first before dialing the actual number. Is this possible?

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    make your calling card number a contact, then setup the favorite as BikeBoy said using the new contact as your speeddial, then add your number you want to dial. make a favorite for each contact that you want to set up with your calling card number. YOu can set up like 30 or so favorites.
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    TakePhone also has the ability to use and manage multiple calling cards. Calling cards can be activated automaticly, based on the phone number you are calling.
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    Is anyone doing this on Verizon? I can't seem to get it to work. Thought it would be simple to dial voicemail and have the code automatically be entered. Did this when I had the Moto Q by putting in # signs for pauses. Doesn't work for my 700P. Tried the commas, and they don't work. Wondering if there is a difference between Verizon and Sprint.
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    asterisk, maybe?
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    Tried asterisk, pound, comma, and period - none worked.
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    Comma works as a pause for me in speed dail - Sprint Treo
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