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    Just today my 650 began exhibiting the following behavior. frmthe display off mode, it is taking multiple, random, button pushes to turn on the display. No new software and no changes recently. has anyone else experienced this and, if so, how was it resolved? Battery level is full.
    Mark Bergman
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    I experienced this when I was having problems with my Treo recognizing that there was an SD card installed. Whenever the Treo didn't recognize that there was a card installed, it was very sluggish when turning on and off as you mention. When the Treo recognized the card, it was instantaneous as expected.

    Palmone support suggested a hard reset to fix my SD card problem, that didn't fix it but a replacement Treo 650 did. I guess I had a 'lemon'. If you are not having SD card problems, then a hard reset may do nothing for you in this instance.
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    I have this problem every few months. When I do have it, it happens multiple times in a day. I haven't changed software in a year.

    I've had a replacement unit sent, with the same behavior.

    I'm thinking it's tower or reception related.
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    usually this happens right after mine goes off automatically. I'll usually need to push the power once, wait a sec, then push again to get the screen to turn on again.

    never really figured out the exact cause, but I have learned to deal with it...
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    This is a known problem on certain GSM firmware versions, whenever the signal craps out.
    Search for "freeze issue", or something like that.
    I seem to read that some CDMA users have this problem as well.

    Funny thing you mention the SD card thing, I've only had one freeze (knock on wood) with the latest Cingular firmwar since updating in November. That was when my last screen before the auto-off was showing the contents of the SD card via Launcher; combine that with the sucky reception at work.
    I got it to wake up by ejecting the SD card (remembered reading that somewhere). But it was slow to react and I had to soft reset it.

    A common symptom of this is that each keypress takes about 30 seconds to react.
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    I momentarily pulled the battery and that solved the far. It cold always be faster to respond to button pushes.
    Mark Bergman
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    I used to have that happen frequently, but after the Cingular 1.51/1.17 fw/sw upgrade, that problem has disappeared. I believe my phone has locked up twice since then to the point I had to remove the battery, but that was after quite a few days without a soft reset. Lately is has been working flawlessly (knock on wood!).

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