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    Does anyone know if doing multiple soft resets on a daily basis is harmful in any way to the Treo? I have a program installed (Goodlink 4.8) that I use 2 or 3 times a day. Once it is initialized however it drains the battery fairly quickly (~5% per hr). Even when I turn a program setting to 'offline' which is an option, it still eats up major battery power. The only cure is to soft reset, which turns off the Good program until next time it is used, and solves the battery drain problem. So I wind up soft-resetting 3 times a day.

    I tried the Goodlink forum, but no luck in finding a work-around.

    It seems to me that soft resetting several times a day wouldn't be that healthy (kind of like defibrillating!!) but this is just a gut feeling and maybe is unwarranted.

    Any reassuring advice?

    Thanks much.
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    being that you have to soft reset to change the battery, obviously no it's not 'harmful'
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    I agree that soft resetting should not be harmful at all, provided that the system calls are quiet and no write function is going on with the card. My fear has always been with programs like Goodlink that drains battery power by being very active in the background causing reads and writes. It stands to reason that the more resets you do during ACTIVE writes, the more chance you have of corruption of preferences. I have often wished for a "HD activity light" for the palm to see just how much activity is going on with such background intensive applications. Speculation of course.

    One suggestion would be to try the little program UnCache and NOT add Goodlink to the allowed list. That way you can open and use the program but it will uncache very quickly without a reset and may help you. Sadly, this program will also wipe out scheduling in Goodlink as long as it is excluded from the add list. There is a 7 day free trial and it might be worth a shot and might prevent write error data corruption.



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