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    I took pictures with my new 650 - they were stored on the phone's memory, not on a SD card. Then during a hotsynch, I mistakenly had the desktop overwrite the media on the phone. I'd like to recover the pictures. I've downloaded programs that can retrieve pictures from cameras and memory cards, but they don't recognize the phone. Questions: 1) is there a program to retrieve the photos from the 650, or 2) is there a way to access the phone's memory from a pc as if it were an external drive?

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    I'd also like to know if there is a way to undelete pictures from the Builtin memory. I did a backup with Resco Backup just before I did a hard reset, unfortunalely Resco Backup did only restore the RAM but not the photos. Please help!
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    Would be very nice.
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    Don't sync again until you fully check your hard drive. Typically a backup of some sort is made when you sync depending on your conduit settings.
    I make sure to do a full backup from tiem to time and also backup my SD card to my computer as well. Do a search for your user name and see if you can locate an archive or folder.

    If you used Resco Backup to backup then I woudl think the images would be backed up. Copy the entire card to your PC with a memory card reader. Check the Resco docs for any info on retrieving the files or search the copied archive.

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