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    Howdy Treo friends -

    Documents to Go has recently stopped syncing completely on my Treo650. I had created a new doc & send it to sync (to the card) but nothing syncs at all as far as Doc to Go goes. (usually that dialog box comes up on the desktop and goes thru a sync process or screen) ... I have a feeling this may have something to do with my now using ZLauncher and moving programs over to my SD card? I admit I'm really not quite sure what I'm doing ... perhaps I should delete docs to go & all related from the handheld & reinstall all ?? I believe right now I have some stuff on the card, some on the handheld (database file perhaps?) Very confusing!

    Thanks for any advice!
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    If you moved the program with zlauncher, that may be the problem. Newer versions of DTG have a menu item to move programs to the memory card. If it is an older version, there is a tool on the dataviz site, although I am not sure of the name, which will move the programs to the card for you.

    Although I am not sure, you may need to delete DTG, reinstall, and then move the components to the card as indicated above.

    Hope this helps.
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