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    Hello all
    I searched all around and was not able to find a clear answer. I have a new sprint treo 700p and a lifedrive. My question is can i use the hotsync that was originally installed with the lifedrive along with the palmdesktop to sync the treo or do i have to uninstall the lifedrive version and install the treo one, I am using outlook as my source for contacts and email, but the lifedrive has more applications that i have purchased, will this adversly affect the treo or what do i have to do to ensure that all email, contacts and calendar get updated correctly?

    your help would be greatly appreciated

    thanks felipe
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    I was also using LifeDrive before, but I installed the new Treo Desktop application over the existing Lifedrive installation. (The new installation also syncs phone stuff, etc., so you can't use the existing Lifedrive Desktop with the new Treo). However, I manually reinstalled my older applications. The contacts and calendar shouldn't be affected in the process, but it's probably worthwhile to make a backup of your directory before you do anything!

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