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    So, i picked up the Seidio Audio Adapter that plugs in the universal bottom plug, found here:

    uh... and when I play a song with it plugged it, and my headset/car stereo plugged into it.... the noise still comes out the treo?

    Is there something incredibly obvious im missing :/?
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    Just stating the obivous but, you have got the volume on the treo turn up, if your using headphones with the vloume wheel half up the wire thats turned up, and that all the connections are actualy connected. (has the sync port connection slipped out slighty?) And i would try it with another pair of headphones to be double sure. OR even a different treo.

    Other wise i cant think why it isnt working. I dont have one of these did it come with any software? I guess not.
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    ive tried 6 different headsets/audio connections / earbuds of some type... and none of them work. I've jammed it in, ive got the volume up.

    As for it being the phone... My friend and I both ordered these adapters from TC and neither adapter works on any device on either treo (his is a 650, mines a 700)... Ive read a bit about impedence, and having to get a coupler.... but sweet jesus, EVERY device requires one? Why even sell this product if this is the case :/
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    The 700P audio works different. Potentially we should have less problems since the 700P now uses a mechanical switch... no more impedance problems?

    I ran a simple test by inserting an adapter into the 700P and the audio shut off. On the 650 the audio would still work.

    This might make my audio jack hack a bit more difficult...
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    The adapter works fine on my 650, both with my cassette adapter and stereo earbuds...
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    bah, thus far i still havent found a single device that it detects
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    I am getting the same problem (700P). I purchased the adaptor for an airplane trip. Much to my surprise the sound was still coming out of the Treo speakers. My fellow passengers advised me of the fact that my music was too loud.

    If there are any special settings that should be made they should tell us. I have tried a bunch of settings and still can not get the thing to work. It is advertised to work on the 700p.

    I have had problems with two other Treo 700p's where the earphone jack stopped working. I thought this would be a solution where I could stay away from using the jack. They advertise that the jack will eventually break so we should be so glad we have one of these fine adaptors. It would be nice if it worked as advertised.
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    It doesn't work with the 700p, only the 650. The pinout differences with the 700p are the problem.
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    Why is this adapter better then the 2.5 - to 3.5 audio adapter (like the one you can get at radio shack for $3?)
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    Many people have had their 2.5mm jack fail from normal use. The Seidio adapter removes any potential stress on the audio jack. I have both the Seidio and 2.5-to-3.5 adapters. I use the one from Seidio more often.
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