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    What do I need in order to convert a protected Ipod Itunes music video that I downloaded to play on my Treo using TCPMP? It is in M4v format. I've downloaded a few programs that say they work with this file type, but have had no success.

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    Also, can anyone tell me where to download some free divx files (movies, music videos, etc) that play well on the Treo 650?
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    Did a little search and all I could come up with was "Tunebite". Google it.
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    you can't convert apples protected vids.
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    welll . . . TCPMP used to have the AAC codec included (the videos won't play due to the copy protection in the video's audio track . . . not the video) . . . which played the m4v files (well at least the ones that I had) however that plugin has been removed due to copyright concerns (though it can be found quite easily through google) try that and see if it plays. I know it'll play video podcasts (some of which are m4v files . . . ) Just one word . . . the playback speed is nowhere near what you can get by playing divx files . . . in fact it kind of looks like a pixelated slideshow.

    There ya go, about the only solution I can think of.

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