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    My wife gave me a Nano for fathers day and I am not sure if I want to use it or continue doing mp3s on my Palm. I have been using Pocket Tunes with a 1gb card.

    The Nano, of course, does AAC files + mp3, chapter marks, puts blue dots next to podcasts not yet heard, integrates with iTunes, 4gb size, etc. It is ANOTHER gadget to carry, though.

    Pocket Tunes was working well. I had a nice skin that allowed (30sec, 1min, 2 min, etc) skips for podcasts. I was manually putting mp3s on it, manually converting AACs from iTunes to mp3s. I never wanted to go beyond the 1gb limit because I kept using my CDs in the car as well.

    I am thinking of a Treo 650 to consolidate down the # of devices I use. I am currently using a T3.

    Have any of you weighed the ipod vs Treo decision? What do you think?
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    I am in the same position. I have the Nano. I have the T650. Right now I just use the Nano when I'm on a plane, with my glorious Bose noise cancelling headphones. I'm afraid to use the T650 due to the persistent complaints about the manky headphone jack and how easily it breaks. The Nano is so tiny though that I don't mind carrying it.
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    The 650 will also do 4GB SD cards (under $100 now) and can play AAC, MP3, whatever if you use TCPMP. Tastypeppers is right about the wonky headphone jack on the 650.

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