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    I have heard a lot of great things about the database program ThinkDB. It would be interesting to hear what some of you have been doing with it. I haven't really had time to dig into it, but some ideas would be great. Thanks!
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    There are not a lot of downsides to ThinkDB (I can think of three: not a lot of plugins, HUGE footprint, limited number of fields/operations).

    Upsides: Very easy to use, and the number of db's available online is growing fast.

    I've Found and kept:
    -x rated drinks
    -stain guide
    -president info
    -scotch info

    I've Created:
    -a book db
    -a cd db
    -a movie db
    -a checkbook register (automatically finds balance, check of items as they're cleared, etc..)
    -a quote/idea db
    -a researching tool (for bibliographies, finding references in a library, taking notes, etc.)
    -a password db (the encryption probably isn't especially robust, but I'm not exactly hiding gov't secrets, plus I don't have to clutter my vdx with yet another app)
    -an hours (for how much I've worked)


    It seems like I think of another use for this program every week or so.

    I have tried (and so have others) to make a gradebook db, with less success...

    ..Have fun!

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    I like ThinkDB and it prevents you from getting a new application everytime you have data to store.

    I have made the following:

    eBay - An auction tracker that keeps all of the transactions needed from start to close of a sale or purchase

    Passwords - a password database that is password protected

    Credit Cards - Track credit card info in case they are stolen, number, who to call, expiration etc... turns red when the card expires, password protected

    401K Tracker - keeps running balance and password protected

    Salon - Scheduleing tool for my wife for scheduling hair cut appointments and keeps client records

    I am anxious about more ThinkDB plugins to better integrate calendar functions into the Palm OS
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    Wow--I would love to have the stain database dietrichbohn mentioned, but I currently have MobileDB Lite on my palm as opposed to ThinkDB. Does anyone know if it's possible to convert one to the other? A database like this doesn't seem to be available in the MobileDB format, but I don't want to install both....
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    I have dabbled a little. I do find it incredibly easy to use though.

    I made one DB to keep track of employees, hire dates, raises, driver's licence numbers, position...

    Another I made is a library that keeps track of my books, cd's, software, videotapes... now I need to remember to add a tab for when I've loan something out so I can keep track of when I loan it and to whom.

    I like it.

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