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    Hi to all,

    I would like know where i can purchase an unlocked Treo 650 new.

    Due to my work I had to live in China so i would like to know where to buy it in Hong Kong. Or is it cheaper to get in the US, then i will ask a friend to purchase for me there ?

    I would happy for any advice, to get it cheaper, since my salary as a teacher here in China is not very high.


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    If you're going to HK, get it at the Mongkok computer center on Nelson Street. Usually very cheap price there. Or Wanchai computer center. I got my unlocked Treo 650 at MongKok computer center for $3380 HKD in mid March. Probably much cheaper now.

    I would think that it's cheaper to buy the phone in HK than in the US but I'm not sure. Maybe someone else can help you regarding that.
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    No, the Treo is not cheaper in HK than in the US. Trust me, I spent a week scouting out the prices in MongKok & Wanchai. It's not too popular here so not much discount on prices.
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