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    I'm using Versamail to sync up email with my exchange server at work. I received a .wmv file that I wanted to play. When I click on the attachment, it tells me that it's "Unable to find a plugin Viewer..." I certainly don't want to view it as text, so how do I install a plugin so I can watch the video?

    I guess another non-direct option is that I managed to save it to the SD card, but now I don't know how to access it to play it -- and what do I use to play it anyway? The Kinoma app? (noob, noob, noob -- sorry...)

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    No one wants to help out a poor ol' noob?
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    I'm not sure but I believ you need to upgrade to PocketTunes Deluxe in order to play .wmv files.

    I don't think the Kinoma plug-in in Blazer handles this.

    I'm not sure because I am a GSM user so only have a 650.
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    I think he is talking about a video file, not an audio file.

    Not an expert on video, but you may need a third party video player to view a wmv file on a 700p.

    Not sure if TCPMP would work....
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    TCPMP can play some wmv files on palm devices but generally problematic. Apparently they've got a new version coming out soon that will play them though.
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    tried tcpmp, seems to not work. I just hotsynced the wmv file over and it plays in the default pics and video player of the treo. Not sure if stuff is changed during the hotsync because it take a while for it to get to the quickinstall

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